Are carpets, curtains and washing machines tax deductible?

Make sure you know the tax implications before you purchase items such as fridges, carpets and curtains for your rental property.
The rules have been changing and this has caused some confusion for some landlords.
At present you cannot reclaim the cost of these items using what was called the renewals basis because the government withdrew this allowance as of April 2013.
At the moment the only relief available is the wear and tear allowance. This is 10% for a fully furnished rental property.
Beware though as in the recent budget the government announced that the 10% allowance would cease from April 2016 when there will be a new replacement allowance.
From 2016 the renewals basis will apply to all landlords of residential property whether it is furnished or not.
So if you are able to it may be best to wait until after April 2016 to buy carpets, curtains and so on.