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A Bookkeeping Service for Residential and Commercial Property Owners

There are many different ways to deal with the time consuming and detailed task of bookkeeping. We take advantage of technology to gain a leading edge for our own business and those that we work with.

We use bookkeeping platforms that operate in the cloud, on the internet. When your bookkeeping system is operating online you don't need to sit at a desk in an office because you can access it from anywhere at anytime and from any device - desktop, tablet, laptop or smartphone. That makes a difference in so many ways.

This is way ahead of the old ways and so more efficient too. We work solely with the Xero cloud based bookkeeping system as we believe it's the most forward thinking and progressive platform of its kind.

As Xero Certified Partners we offer data entry, accounts payable, rents receivable, arrears collection, and payroll. Or we can work with your staff to run a system we have set up specifically for you. Either way, we put your figures right at your fingertips on any device so that you can complete tasks, track progress and examine performance at any time and from anywhere.

If you haven't seen it yet, get in touch, Xero will change your business life.

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