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CIS Contractors - 3 Step - Online Tax Return Service

Get your tax return filed, for a fixed fee, by a Chartered Accountant.

Be sure to get the maximum refund due to you.

We help subcontractors, all over the UK, to file their tax returns and access any tax refund / rebate, as quickly as possible.  We provide a simple, accurate and fixed fee online (email / telephone) based service.


From just £125.

No strings attached or hidden fees.


Our team is made up of a Chartered Accountant and ex HMRC tax adviser with years of experience.
So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive, hassle free and simple way to get your tax return completed, and any refund due, then get in touch.

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CIS Tax Refunds

Most tradesman who subcontract on a construction site will be registered under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and will have tax deducted from their wages, by the main contractor, in advance.  At the end of the tax year every CIS worker must complete a UK Tax Return showing details of income and expenses, even though tax has already been deducted at source.

Depending on the amount you earn, you could be paying too much tax, due to the way HMRC collect your tax from the main contractor.  The CIS collection system does not factor in your tax free personal allowance and there are lots of other business expenses that you may be able to claim each tax year such as the costs of tool and travel.  These expenses could reduce your tax payable and result in a refund due to you.

We can make sure that you claim everything you are entitled to and keep any tax due to a minimum as well as calculating any refund due to you.  The average CIS refund is £1,600.  We charge on a fixed fee basis and not a percentage of any refund that we obtain for you.