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Non UK Resident Landlords - 3 Step - Online Tax Return Service

Get your UK tax return prepared, for a fixed fee, by a Chartered Accountant

Landlords Financial provide an online, fixed fee, property tax service for Non UK Resident Landlords.  We ensure that your tax liability is kept to a minimum and that your tax affairs are dealt with on time.  With thirty years finance experience, and a property portfolio of our own, we are well aware of issues affecting landlords.


From just £125 

No strings attached or hidden fees



Our team is made up of a Chartered Accountant and ex HMRC tax adviser with years of experience.
So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive, hassle free and simple way to get your tax return completed, then get in touch.

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Non UK Resident Landlords are subject to special rules relating to rental income which arises in the UK.  Non resident Landlords also have to pay Capital Gains Tax on profits arising from the sale of any UK property made after 5 April 2015.

If the UK property is rented via a Lettings / Managing Agent, that Agent must deduct tax, at the basic rate, from rents collected (after any related expenditure).  The Agent should declare and pay this tax over to HMRC.  If there is no Letting Agent the onus for deduction of tax falls on the tenant, unless the rent falls below a set figure.

Non UK Resident Landlords can make a request, to HMRC, to receive their rents gross.  If this exemption is agreed the Landlord must still pay tax on the rental income received and they must keep their tax affairs up to date.

Non UK Resident Landlords have to file a UK Tax Return, with HMRC, made up to 5 April each year.  If filed online the Landlord has until 31 January following the end of the tax year to submit that return.